Dash Installation Instructions all models

Step One

Remove the Windshield

Step Three

Cut along edge of the orginial dash cowl/windshield area leaving a 1" lip for the new dash to rest on

Step Six

Drill through dash on either side into cowl area where orginial dash was spot welded and attach with sheet metal screws on either side

Step Seven

Bond metal tabs to bottom of dash using a bonding material like J-B weld , Epoxy, Kitty Hair , or similar material and screw to bottom of cowl

Step Four

Step Two

Drill spot welds under bottom edge of dash and remove original dash leaving the structural components

Step Five

Set new dash in place

Before re-installing windshield, black bottom edge of windshield on inside even with top of dash

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Step Three (3)
 Step Five (5)
Step Seven (7)
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